We've had the distinct honor and privilege to photograph families and celebrations for over 12 years.  As a photographic team, we offer different perspectives and creativity to all the events we cover.  Our mission is to capture individuals, families and weddings in a quiet, unobtrusive manner.  Our experience provides us the ability to anticipate and photograph those moments that truly capture the spirit of your loved ones and your celebration.

We work closely with our wedding couples to understand their hopes and expectations of their wedding day and wedding images.  Each detail of a wedding is carefully arranged with great excitement and anticipation.  It's a celebration of family and tradition in a style unique to each bride and groom.  From the moments of design to the moments of spontanaeity, our approach is to photograph this extraordinary day as it unfolds, in every planned and unrehearsed instant.

As parents of young children, we also know the importance of recording those small, yet important moments in our little ones lives.  Our portrait sessions always take place on-location either at your home, a park or some other special spot.  This puts you and your family more at ease, making our work very simple - photograph you and your children sharing time, laughter and silliness together.  It's that simple giggle, moment of discovery, instant of a small hand holding yours, that we look to capture.  They're only little for such a short time and we forget so quickly the times of their baby-hood and the simple things that make them smile.  Our hope is to photograph those memories so you never forget those times and moments shared.

It's always an honor for us to be chosen to photograph families, celebrations and milestones.  Whether you're in need of a photographer to capture your wedding day, a new baby, a high school senior, or any event in between - we take great care to provide you with timeless expressions of love.

- Tige & Bethany Cunningham